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About Dr. Urmila Pillay

Dr Urmila Pillay has more than 16 years of experience working as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. She has worked in different settings such as outpatient community teams, inpatient wards and in the independent sector. She has experience supervising other psychologists and also in running various workshops

She  was trained in CBT from the Institute of Psychiatry, London and was trained in Neuropsychology from Bristol University. She obtained her PhD in Cross Cultural Psychology from Brunel University, London.  Her initial clinical training was from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, India.

Dr Pillay has vast experience working with individuals presenting with depression, anxiety, OCD, social Anxiety, personality issues such as anxious avoidant, dependent etc. She also has been trained in administering ADOS and ADI and DISCO to assess Autism. She also undertakes  other psychological assessment such as personality assessment, neuropsychological assessment etc.

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